Is it possible to send you my fine jewelry for valuation?

Absolutely. Many of our clients prefer to send us their jewelry for valuation. In this case, we will provide you with an insured overnight shipping label for your use. Provided you follow the shipping instructions, it will be insured for an agreed upon amount. Once we receive the package, we will contact you with our offer within 24 hours. Simply call or email our office today to make the arrangements.

Should I have my diamond jewelry or estate jewelry appraised before I sell it?

A formal written appraisal has a cost associated with it and may not warrant the price you will pay for the appraisal. When requesting an appraisal, be sure to ask for a market or resale appraisal for your fine jewelry, and not a retail appraisal, which will result in a higher amount that an estate jewelry buyer will not be able to offer.

Whom should I trust to purchase my fine jewelry and know that it will be handled properly?

First and foremost, your family estate heirlooms will receive the full respect and merit they deserve with Gulfstream Jewels. Our access to local, national and international markets allows us to properly place your valued heirlooms into the right hands, and allows us to pay top prices for your cherished pieces.

How will I be paid?

You’ll be provided with a free verbal valuation at the time of the appointment. Upon acceptance of our bid, immediate payment via bank check or wire transfer will be provided to complete the transaction and your items will be transferred quickly and professionally.

How do I sell my fine jewelry?

When you set an appointment with one of our experts, expect complete confidentiality and a meeting at either our South Florida office, the bank of your choosing, or a convenient mutually agreed upon location. Your fine jewelry will be evaluated by one of our experienced and professional buyers taking into consideration numerous factors such as type of metal, period of piece, diamond and gemstone size and weight, etc.

How much is my fine jewelry worth?

Higher prices for gold and fine jewelry and the increasing demand for luxury items in Asia have made the price of diamond jewelry more attractive than in the past. Keep in mind however, that the retail price of diamond rings, diamond necklaces and diamond jewelry is considerably marked up above manufacturing cost. So when selling your fine jewelry, it is not realistic to expect to be offered the retail price or replacement cost from an insurance appraisal form.

The good news, however, is that Gulfstream Jewels is a reputable, dedicated estate jewelry buyer. We have a global resale network and will work to get you a much more attractive price for your diamond jewelry than you can find elsewhere.

If your fine jewelry includes period pieces such as Art Deco, Edwardian, Retro, or is a signed piece, the experts at Gulfstream Jewels will also take these characteristics into consideration to offer you the most advantageous price.

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