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A Look at Jewelry Styles Through The Eras

More than mere pretty baubles, items of fine jewelry provide insights into the times and trends that inspired and shaped their creation. You will find glimpses of history in the higher-quality jewelry created by the most talented artisans through the centuries. The craftsmen of each era discussed below were greatly influenced by those who came […]

Jewelry of America’s First Ladies

While Americans have not always celebrated the wives of their president, the First Lady has grown in importance to the country since the time of Jackie Kennedy. The elegant style and sense of fashion taste that was displayed by Mrs. Kennedy captured the attention of the nation. Since the time of Camelot, each First Lady […]

How is the Value of Gold Determined?

You gain some idea to how strongly humans have always valued gold when archaeologists report finding exquisitely crafted jewelry resting in tombs of royalty buried before 4,000 B.C. While gold coins weren’t minted until around 600 B.C., gold has been seen as a store of value since before written records were kept. A Long-Term, Universal […]

What Type of Appraisal Do I Need?

jewelry appraisal

Getting a gemstone or piece of fine jewelry appraised is beneficial to you because you then know its true worth, even though in your mind it may be priceless. However, there are other reasons to get a gemstone appraised. In fact, there are even different types of appraisals you should consider getting. Insurance Appraisal An […]

Selling Your Diamond

Tips on how to get the right cut for your cut

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but naive diamond sellers may be a jeweler’s best friend.

According to Barbara Diggs, writing for Forbes, in recent years diamonds have become increasingly popular among the middle class in China and India, making wholesale prices skyrocket. Jewelers have responded to the surge by turning to the public, looking for those ready to part with their precious diamonds.

Pearls of Great Price: A 20th Century Parable

How a pearl necklace was exchanged for a diamond palace

There’s an old adage that states “nothing gold can stay,” but surely that couldn’t be the case in the fine jewelry industry…or could it? Morton F. Plant may have a different perspective.

In a grand romantic gesture, in 1917 Plant agreed to trade his Fifth Avenue mansion in Manhattan to the heir to the Cartier jewelry empire, Pierre Cartier, for $100 in cash and a string of pearls valued at $1 million fancied by his 36-year-old bride, Mae Caldwell Manwaring. Plant, who was 29 years her senior, had married her five years prior.

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