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VCA PendentExpert Knowledge and Proven Experience

Your precious pieces have sentimental value. Perhaps it is a cherished Tiffany ring given to your great-grandmother by your great-grandfather. Perhaps it is a pair of vintage earrings given to you by your ex-husband. No matter the origin, your particular piece has a history, a story. At Gulfstream Jewels, our accredited gemologists are dedicated to honoring the story and to treating you and your piece with nothing less than the respect you so richly deserve.

Strong Relationships with Worldwide Markets

Entrust your valuable jewelry and heirlooms to Gulfstream Jewels’ professional gemologists equipped with years of proven, successful industry experience and the genuine desire to serve your needs. Our relationships within local, national and international diamond and jewelry markets ensure your fine jewelry will be valued and purchased in a quick, professional and profitable manner for you, the seller. Whether placed with a high-end retailer or a private buyer, rest assured your piece will be respectfully honored.

Immediate Payment for Jewelry, Gemstones and Heirlooms

Should you wish to accept the valuation provided by Gulfstream Jewels and allow us to acquire your piece, you can expect immediate payment. Whether you have Vintage, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco or Retro jewelry, we are equipped to properly valuate it and make the experience pleasant, memorable and profitable for you.

Convenient Access – Meet in Our Office or Place of Your Choosing

Our accredited gemologists are dedicated to serving your needs in the most discreet and respectful manner. We invite you to visit our South Florida office, with complimentary valet parking, for a private valuation of your diamonds, gemstones, jewelry and heirlooms. However, should travel be inconvenient for you, we are pleased to meet you in your locale at an agreed-upon time and location to provide the same level of service.

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Allow us the opportunity to answer your questions. Should you wish to provide us with details regarding your pieces, you may do so now. Otherwise, simply let us know how we can serve your needs.